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Waveline Media is a mobile technology company, reaching over 25 Million Arabic consumers globally via its daily-use apps, most notably its Personalized Arabic News Aggregator, Nabd. Waveline Media serves over 350+ international and local brands via its Nabd Mobile Advertising Platform.

We build awesome mobile platforms


A mix of talented software engineers, guru mobile marketers, aggressive salesmen, with 5 operational offices across MENA


We build amazing daily-use apps and multi-sided ad platforms that deliver real results for mobile advertisers


We LOVE mobile. No seriously, we do. Our sophisticated know-how adds value for both, consumers and advertisers

Nabd Platform

Nabd - Personalized Arabic News.

Nabd is a Personalized Arabic Content Reader, enabling Arab users across the globe to stay up-to-date with their favorite topics on the go. Today, Nabd reaches over 20 million users, generating over 1.6 billion page views every quarter, making it the biggest Arabic app globally. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


Download NABD on your mobile app, and enjoy endless personalized Arabic content

Clients that love us

We serve over 350+ brands and advertising clients across the MENA region.

“In BBC Arabic, we consider our partnership with Nabd to be the most valuable and important of all our digital partnerships. This reflects the growing importance of news aggregators and the position of Nabd as a market leader. Our partnership with Nabd has enabled us to widen our reach and gain a new perspective of our audience needs”
Mohamed Yehia, Head of daily output at BBC

“Nabd is one of the top sources of traffic for RT Arabic. During the last 3 months Nabd replaced Twitter as the second-best source of traffic from social media to the website"
Maya Manna, Editor-in-Chief at RT Arabic

We first started to see very exciting results with Nabd when they added our content to their platform, we quickly saw the potential and the great added value to our content distribution. Today we are very happy with our partnership that helps our Arabic edition of euronews.com to reach larger audience in the Middle east. This partnership allowed and still allows us to increase considerably our footprint in the region, break the news and keep our audience informed with the latest international news. We saw a big jump in our reach thanks to the millions of followers we acquired on the Nabd app and to the very innovative and fast way of displaying our content in-app.
Youva Bouzidi, Head of Digital Products at Euronews

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